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JOHN TIERNEY, The Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine Campus – Professor emeritus

Education:  BSc (hons) in Chemistry, Reading University, UK 1971; M.Phil. Organic Chemistry, Hatfield Polytechnic, UK 1972; PhD Organic Chemistry, Temple University, 1981

Honors and Professional Societies:  Royal Society of Chemistry

ACS Membership: 1981; Philadelphia Section:  1981

Local Participation:  Former Member of the Education Committee and Chair of the Education Committee; former Secretary; former Chair of the Philadelphia Section

National Participation:  Committee on Constitution and Bylaws 

Statement:  I had been actively engaged in teaching and conducting research with undergraduates at a predominantly two year campus of the Pennsylvania State University since August 1981 until June 30, 2017, when I retired. I have been on the Philadelphia Section Education Committee back in the 1980’s and I have also served as Section Secretary and Chair. In addition, I have been an alternate councilor, and I have recently served as councilor from 2015 to present. I was appointed to the ACS committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) in June, 2016. I have been actively engaged on C&B as an associate member since being appointed.

When re-elected as a councilor, my goal is to continue to be as sensitive to the collective will of the members of the Philadelphia Section, and work closely with the other councilors and directors to effectively articulate the Philadelphia Section member’s message at the local and national level.


MELISSA BETZ CICHOWICZ, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, West Chester University of PA, West Chester PA

Education: BS Chemistry, Saint Joseph's College, 1978; PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Maryland-College Park, 1984

Honors and Professional Societies: ACS; Iota Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma Pi (Honorary); The Abbe Society (Honorary); Academy of Teaching Excellence, VA Polytechnic Institute and State Univ., 1979; Chancellor's Teaching Award, Univ. of MD.-College Park, 1984; Meritorious Service Award, Philadelphia Section ACS, 1994; Glenn Ullyot Service Award, Philadelphia Section ACS, 1997; WCU Faculty/Administrator of the Year, 2003

ACS Membership: 1978; Philadelphia Section: 1984

Local Section Participation: Secretary 1996-1997; Teller's Committee, 1988-2001, 2004-2008; MARM Technical Program Committee, Organic Program Organizer, 1989 and 1996; National Chemistry Week Committee, Education Sub-Committee, 1989; Membership Committee, Chair, 1990-1992; Continuing Education Committee, 1991-1992; National Chemistry Day speaker, 1987; Delaware Valley Chemistry Week Poster Contest, Chair, 1990; National Chemistry Week Planning Committee, Poster Contest Committee, Co-Chair, 1991-1992, member 1992-present; Board of Directors, 1990-present; Younger Chemists Committee, 1991-1996; Councilor, 1992-1994; Local Section Graduate Student Research Poster Day Co-Chair, 2001 and 2002; Expand Your Horizons activity presenter, 2001-2005; Chemist in the Classroom presenter, 2000-2005; Chair-Elect 2003; Chair, Awards Committee, 2003; Philadelphia Local Section Chair, 2004; Immediate Past-Chair, 2005; Chair, Nominations Committee, 2005; Section Awards Committee, 2007-2008, 2010-present

Statement:  I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the positions of both Director and Councilor of the Philadelphia Section; having been involved with ACS for almost 30 years, I feel my experience and training prepare me for this important position. I have previously served as Secretary in 1996-97 and Section Chair in 2004, and currently completing my most recent term as Councilor, so I remain familiar with the workings of our Local Section and the needs of our membership at both the Local Section and National levels.

In the future, I would like to see our Society pay more attention to activities that will promote the public image of science, and that will serve the diverse needs of our membership. We need to expand our efforts in the area of public outreach, and work with school-age children through diverse and innovative programs. We as chemical professionals also need to be willing to serve as a resource to community organizations and school teachers at all levels.

Responsiveness to the needs of our members should also incorporate the cultivation of new members, and the retention of existing members. Targeted events or activities could be directed toward groups with special needs such as chemists recently transferred into our region due to corporate realignment, those new to the profession because they are recent BS, MS or PhD graduates, or those who have experienced a career change. All should be welcomed into the Section as a source of new ideas and fresh talents. The past 3 years I have been working at the National level on CEPA, the Committee on Economic and Professional Activities, which develops and assesses resources to help chemists advance in their professional careers. I would very much like to be able to continue in those efforts if elected to another 3-year term on Council.

Our Society has tremendous potential to be a force in promoting scientific literacy and we in the Philadelphia Section can be leaders in that effort through activities such as the Philadelphia Science Festival, PAGES and participation in science fairs. In addition, we should continue to work with other professional organizations to achieve that goal. If elected, I pledge to work with those groups mentioned above, in addition to the dedicated group with whom I am already familiar, to make our Section even better than it already is.


RUSSELL PHIFER, National Registry of Certified Chemists; WC Environmental, LLC

Education:  BA, The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH 1974 

Honor and Professional Societies:  ACS Fellow, 2010; CHAS Fellow, 2005; Tillmanns-Skolnik Award, 2005; Chester County Entrepreneur of the Year, 1993

National Offices and Committees: Chair, Committee on Chemical Safety, 2008; Chair, Division of Chemical Health & Safety, 2005, 2009; Member of the American Chemical Society's Task Force on Laboratory Chemical and Waste Management since 1982, and chairman from 1986-1994, 2002, 2003, 2009; Member of the Committee on Environmental Improvement, 1995-1997; Member of the Committee on Chemical Safety, 1995-2006, 2013-current; Chair, Subcommittee on Safety Solutions, CCS, 2002- 2007, 2017-current. Councilor, Division of Chemical Health & Safety, 1993-1996, 2011-2014; Alternate Councilor, CHAS, 1997-1999

Local Section Offices:  Chairman of the ACS Philadelphia Section's Chemical Health and Safety Committee, 1991-1993, 1998; Member of the Board of Directors, 1993; Alternate Councilor, 2008-2012; Chairman of the Philadelphia Section Legislative Liaison Committee 1992-1997; Member of the Philadelphia Section Program Committee, 1994

Statement:  As the chemical enterprise has rapidly evolved into a global entity with nearly instant communication among colleagues a reality, the Philadelphia Section should be working to facilitate collaboration among local chemists and those doing similar work both within the Society and internationally. While there will always be a place for face to face interaction, the Section should leverage its membership, office, and leadership abilities to help its members advance in their careers and enhance communication. Thank you for your kind consideration.


KATHRYN A. LYSKO, Immaculata University, retired 2015

Education:  BS Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1970; MS, Analytical Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, 1972; PhD Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts, 1980   

Honor and Professional Societies:  NorthEast Association for the Health Professions; American Association of University Professors

ACS Membership:  1997; Philadelphia Section: 1997

National Offices and Committees:  Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs 2015-2017; Career Services Committee 2017

Local Section Offices:  Board of Directors 2017-2019, 2014-2016, Councilor 2014-2016, Alternate Councilor 2017-2019, 2006

Statement:  Colleagues, I retired in 2015 after teaching chemistry and biochemistry at Immaculata University. I am on the Board of Directors and am applying to be a Councilor from the Philadelphia ACS section. My background gives me insight into areas which the local and national ACS are concerned, especially how to generate new chemists and student ACS members. I am a member of the Career Services Committee chaired by Joe Martino. I was on the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs 2015-2016 and liaison from CEPA to the Younger Chemists Committee. We worked on the changing employment and marketing concerns with the national ACS staff. Working to help chemists whether they are just graduating or chemists looking to enhance their marketability or change careers is critical to the ACS as well as our country and economy. Locally I have been a judge at the Philly section Poster Presentations for many years. Their research is inspiring and job creation for them is paramount. Helping all chemists’ transition to full employment is a challenge that we need to facilitate, locally by trying to find internships, and nationally to identify the needs of industry and to help academia incorporate those needs into their curricula.


ERIN R. FRUCHEY, Advanced Researcher, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Education:  BS Chemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 2011; PhD Organic Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 2016

Honors and Professional Societies:  Indiana University Provost Award for Women in Science (Research award to present at a major conference), 2013; Jack K. Crandall Award (Outstanding contributions to professional activities and research), 2015; Indiana University Chester Davis Fellowship (Overall excellence in research, course work, and teaching), 2015-2016

National Participation:  246th ACS National Meeting, Indianapolis, IN (Sept. 2013) – attendee/presenter; 250th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA (Sept 2015) - attendee

Statement:  Although I am new to the Philadelphia area, I first became involved with the American Chemical Society in graduate school at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. At IU I took a special interest in promoting career development opportunities for chemistry graduate students. This interest came from the observation that the typical graduate experience seemed to lack professional development opportunities outside of the scientific work itself. To address this issue I helped coordinate with our local ACS section to bring ACS On-Campus to IU. The event was a great success and lead to our graduate student organization developing an annual career development symposium. As a part of the ACS Philadelphia Section one of my goals would be to continue to bring young scientist in contact with more experienced members of the scientific community from diverse backgrounds.  If elected for a Director or Councilor position I look forward to working with the ACS Philadelphia Section to continue to inspire scientist and develop professional networks. I would also diligently work to ensure that the ideas, opinions, and concerns of the Section are heard and fairly represented. Thank you for your consideration.


GEORGIA A. ARBUCKLE-KEIL, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden, NJ; Masters in Chemistry Program Director, 2004-2010; 2011-2017

Education:  BA, Rutgers, The State University of NJ, 1983; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1987

Honors and Professional Societies: Ullyot Award for Meritorious Service, Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society, 2006; E. Emmet Reid Award given by the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) of the American Chemical Society for outstanding achievement in teaching chemical sciences at small colleges within the Mid-Atlantic Region, 2005;  Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society Excellence in Undergraduate Education in the Chemical Sciences Award, sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc., 2004;  Provosts Teaching Excellence Award, Rutgers University, 2000

ACS Membership: 1982; Philadelphia Section:  1982

National Participation:  Member, Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS), 2015-2017; Associate Member CCS, 2012-2014; Member Affairs Committee (MAC), 2009-2011; Member, Admissions Committee, 2005-2009; Associate Member, Admissions 2003-2004; Associate Member, Project SEED, 2004

Local Section Participation: Councilor 2002-2010, 2012-2017, Alternate Councilor 2011, Chair, Philadelphia Section, 2001; Philadelphia Section Board of Directors, 1994-2002

Statement:  Councilors attend the national meetings and volunteer year-round in support of society goals. Thank you for your support that has enabled me to participate at the national level. My service has ranged from associate member on the Project SEED committee to my current membership on the Committee on Chemical Safety.  As a former Project SEED mentor, I support the work of Project SEED that involves high school students in hands-on research during the summer.  The Member Affairs Committee (MAC) works to engage current and future ACS members. As our careers change, our needs change; ask for help locating ACS resources which are developed to support you throughout your career.

As a member of the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS), I applaud the recognition of safety as a core value of the society.  Recently, I had the opportunity to serve on the sub-committee of CCS which revised the publication for undergraduate students: “Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories: Best Practices for First- and Second-Year University Students” now in the 8th edition. Last year CCS released “Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Secondary Schools” and “Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Academic Institutions.” These booklets have been well received by educators as safety culture is an essential part of chemical education.  The committee plans to work with the division of Chemical Health & Safety (CHAS) to create an on-line laboratory safety training course; I have volunteered for this subcommittee and with your support I will assist in this endeavor.

Please allow me to continue to serve the society at the National level by re-election as Councilor!

Thank you for your support.


STEVEN A. FLEMING, Professor of Instruction, Department of Chemistry, Temple University

Education: BS University of Utah, 1978; PhD University of Wisconsin, 1984; Post-doctorate Colorado State University, 1984-1986

Honors and Professional Societies:  Sigma Xi (1979-present); Inter-American Photochemical Society (1995-present); POCC (2008-2010); ACS Div: Chemical Education; NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, 1984-86; NSF CCLI/TUES Research Support, 2003-2014; Brigham Young University Maeser Teaching Award, 2001; Temple University Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award, 2011; ACS Fellow, 2015; Lindback Teaching Award, 2016

ACS Membership:  1977; Philadelphia Section:  2008

National Participation:  Local Sections Activities Committee, 1992-1997; Ad Hoc committee on membership retention, 1995-1996; Meetings and Expositions Committee, 1998-2005; Chair of Meetings and Expositions Committee, 2004-2005; Society Committee on Education (assoc member), 2011-2014; Chemical Safety Subcommittee, 2011-2015; First Term Organic Chemistry ACS Exams Committee member, 2004-2014; Committee on Professional Training (assoc member), 2015-2016; Project SEED (assoc member), 2017

Local Section Participation:  Central Utah Section:  Councilor, 1991-2008; Chair, 1989; NCW Committee, 1989-2008. Philadelphia Section: Member, 2008-present; Director, 2012-2014. Chair-elect, 2013; Chair, 2014; Past-chair, 2015; Alternate Councilor, 2017. Rocky Mountain Region:  Chair, 1996; Secretary, 2003-2004; Secretary-Treasurer, 2005-2008. Joint Rocky Mountain and Northwest Regional Meeting:  Program Co-chair, 1995; Chair, 2008

Statement:  I enjoyed serving as the Chair of the Philadelphia Local Section of the ACS in 2014 and I learned much about the Philadelphia section as a Director for 2 years prior to chairing the section. As a result of those experiences I have gained an appreciation for the many volunteers in the Section. I am very impressed with the service and leadership skills of those who dedicate their time to the local section and I have learned much from them. I am willing to continue serving and learning. I am familiar with the responsibilities and expectations of being a councilor because I served as the councilor of the Central Utah Section for 17 years. It is an honor to serve. If elected to serve as a councilor of the Philadelphia Section, I would work closely with the other councilors of the local section. I understand the need for the representatives of the section to work together on issues related to the needs of the Philly section. I would listen to the needs and concerns of section members for ACS matters that come to the council for vote. I would solicit section feedback when necessary. I believe that councilors should represent their constituents appropriately. As a result of this belief, if elected, I would contact section members when pertinent ACS issues arise in council. If elected to the position of councilor of the ACS Philadelphia Local Section, then I will do my best to represent the members of the section. If I am not elected, I will continue to attend the board meetings as often as possible and serve the Philly community in whatever capacity I am able.


ELLA DAVIS, Laboratory Director, STEMversity/Vice President CAPS-ATL, 2013-Present; Team Leader (Retired), Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, McNeil PPC – a Johnson & Johnson company (formerly Pfizer Inc.), Lititz, PA, July 2003 – November 2007; Research Chemist/Supervisor, The PQ Corporation R&D Center, 1976 – 2002

Education:  BS Chemistry, Drexel University, 1980; MBA Alvernia University, May 2010

Honors and Professional Societies:  National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, National President, July 2001–June 2003; National Vice–President, 1999–2001; Executive Board Member-at-Large 2005-2010 term; National Meeting Planning Committee, Registration Chairperson, 1994–2001, 2005-2009, Delaware Valley Chapter past President, Treasurer

ACS Membership:  1978; Philadelphia Section:  1978

National Participation: Council Policy Committee, 2017; Committee on Membership Affairs, 2014-2016 Secretary 2016, Committee Associate, 2013

Local Section Participation:  Councilor 2012-2017, Alternate Councilor 2011, Chair 2008, Director, 1993-2007, 2010-2017. Initiated the establishment of a local section committee on diversity.  Contribute to WCC and the PAGES program

Statement:  Since being elected to represent you in the National ACS as a councilor it has been my pleasure to serve on the Membership Affairs Committee since 2013 including secretary in 2016. In fall 2016 and 2017, I was elected by the National Council members to serve one-year terms on the Council Policy Committee. Election to a National Committee represents a particular honor. Both National Committee assignments have given me the opportunity to participate in the governance of our society and to contribute input that represents the interests our section.

We are all too aware of the challenges that face us today and the ACS is no exception. My specific interests include supporting members’ professional careers, educating the public on technological issues and encouraging students in STEM particularly educationally disadvantaged groups underrepresented in sciences. I pledge to continue to work to further these interests and those that are of particular importance to our section.

I humbly request your support for reelection as councilor. Please note that to continue to serve on the National Council Policy Committee requires me to be an elected member of Council. Thank you for your consideration and, ultimately, your vote.


JAMES K. MURRAY, Jr., Professor of Chemistry, Immaculata University

Education:  BS Chemistry, Drexel University, 1996; MS Organic Chemistry, Drexel University, 1997, PhD Organic Chemistry, Drexel University, 2003

Honors and Professional Societies:  American Chemical Society, Philadelphia Section, Division of Organic Chemistry, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, Division of Chemical Education, Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club (POCC); Philadelphia Section, ACS, Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Chemical Science, 2011

ACS Membership:  1993; Philadelphia Section:  1993

Local Section Participation:  Alternate Councilor, 2008-2010, 2017-2019; Councilor 2014-2016

Statement:  The ACS Philadelphia section has been a part of my life as a chemist for almost 25 years.  Numerous opportunities for growth have arisen because of the local section. I have hosted such activities as the December chemistry demonstrations for children.  Activities such as these bring the benefits, and joys, of chemistry to the broader public.  The role of elected members is to assist and work with the local section to advance the mission of the organization.  In accepting to be nominated for the position of director I would work to fulfill that mission.  Bringing chemistry to the broader public, and to the members, is key to moving chemistry forward in the 21st century.  The world is dynamic and the chemistry profession is facing challenges, some not thought of only a few years ago. Being a member of a team working to communicate our mission, strengthens, and challenges will allow us to achieve mission success.  Communication, by building bridges and partnerships, will allow for the establishment of active dialogue with the vast and diverse areas within ACS and the larger general public that can stimulate the growth of new ideas and plans to convert challenges into successes.


KATHLEEN ANN (KATHY) THRUSH SHAGINAW, Particular Solutions, Inc. (a consulting firm founded in 2001 specializing in chemical education), Community College of Philadelphia (since 2001), industrial chemist with Cabot Corporation, the PQ Corporation, Engelhard Corporation, and Exxon Chemical Company (1984 – 2001)

Education: BS Chemistry, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 1978; BA Mathematics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 1978; PhD Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX  1984

Honors and Professional Societies:  member of the Chemical Consultants network (since 2001); American Association of University Women (AAUW) (since 1988, numerous positions, including Branch President; honored by the Easton, Northeast Montgomery County (NEMCO), and Makefield Area Branches as AAUW Education Foundation Named-Gift Honoree and Woman of the Year; and served on PA AAUW State Board of Directors (2008-2012)); Delaware Valley Science Council Board (since 1999, President 2004-2006); Villanova University Bridge Builder Award for Excellence in Teaching Undergraduate Students with Learning Disabilities (2005); Elizabeth Bingham Award by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Women In Science (AWIS) (2008); ACS National Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC) (2011–2015), Tools, Technologies, and Operations Subcommittee Vice-Chair (2013- 2015); Communications Subcommittee Vice-Chair (2015); ACS Philadelphia Section Volunteer of the Year (2013); and ACS National Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) (2016-2017, Awards Subcommittee)

ACS Membership: 1978 (1976 as student affiliate); Philadelphia Section: 1997

Local Section Participation: Chair Women Chemists’ Committee (WCC) (since founding in 1998); Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) Program Chair  (formerly Expand Your Horizons, since 1999); Board of Directors (since 2001); Diversity Committee (since founding in 2001); Chemical Consultants Network (since 2001); Salute to Excellence Award (2006); Philadelphia Section Service Award (2006); Alternate Councilor (2008-2009, 2016-2017); Councilor (2010-2015 ); and Volunteer of the Year (2013)

Statement:  I have been an active member of the Section since moving to the area in 1997. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve the Philadelphia Section as Director, Councilor, and Alternate Councilor. I ask for your vote for Councilor so that I can creatively represent you and build a stronger ACS.

I am proud of the success of the Women Chemists’ Committee, including the Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) program.  This event has reached thousands of girls inspiring them to explore STEM careers. The event is a great networking opportunity for scientists and teachers.

As Councilor, I focused on assisting Local Sections be all that they want to be. On the national Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC), I served as a subcommittee Vice-Chair, providing access to resources that facilitate and support enriched engagement among the LSAC, Local Section Leadership, and other stakeholders.

As an associate on CPRC, I am passionate about improving public understanding and appreciation of chemistry's contributions to people's lives. It is important to engage and support members in effective communication and proactive public outreach.

As Councilor, I will utilize my experience in industry, academia, and community organizations to create opportunities that enhance members’ professional and personal development, and increase the visibility of the Philadelphia Section.
Thank you for your vote.


MICHAEL J. CASTALDI, Associate Faculty of Chemistry Immaculata, University 2015-Present

Education:  BS, St. Peters University, 1977, MS, Columbia University, 2014

Professional Positions:  Pfizer Medicinal and Process Chemist, 1986-2010; Medicinal Chemist Sterling Winthrop Research, 1978-1986; St. Peters University, 2010-2016; Lehmann College, 2015-2016; Mount St. Vincent University, 2014-2015

Honors and Professional Societies:  Technical Achieve Award in Organic Chemistry, 2003; Pfizer Global Research Award for Scientific Achievement, 2007

ACS Membership:  1977 (Technical Divisions:  Organic, Education, and Medicinal)

National Participation:  Executive Committee member MARM planning 2016 regional meeting; Chair of Awards Committee, 2015-2016; Corporate Associates Committee ACS, 2004-2010

Statement:  The American Chemistry society has been an important part of my career for close to forty years.  I have attended many of the national and local meetings of the ACS since joining in 1977.  This organization has served as an excellent professional development tool.  As I was initially from Industry and served on the Corporate Associates Committee as Pfizer’s representative.  I worked on the educational subcommittee which proved fortuitous upon my retirement from industry and my second career in academia. I was active in the New York local section and have moved to the Philadelphia area I would like to serve the local chapter as a Counselor and Director.  As I have taken students to the ACS meetings over the years I feel that I would like to foster closet ties with the area’s colleges and universities and the society.  Finally, I would like to bring the importance of chemistry and science to the non-scientist through the local sections.


MARK A. FORMAN, Professor and Chair, Saint Joseph’s University

Education: BA, Franklin and Marshall College, 1986; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1991

Honors and Professional Societies:  Phi Beta Kappa; ACS; Phi Lambda Upsilon, Honorary; Sigma Xi, Council on Undergraduate Research; Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club

ACS Membership: 1985; Philadelphia Section: 1985

National Participation: Member: Society of Chemical Industry Scholars Industrial Summer Internships Review Panel (2010-2017); Member: American Chemical Society Chemluminary Awards Outstanding High School Student Program Selection Award Committee (2010); Member: American Chemical Society Chemluminary Awards Outstanding High School Outstanding Kids and Chemistry Selection Award Committee (2010); Member: American Chemical Society Committee on Education (2009-2011)

Local Section Participation: Councilor American Chemical Society Philadelphia Section (2014-2016) Alternate Councilor Philadelphia Section (2000-2003, 2004-2006, 2009-2011, 2012-2013, 2017-present)

Statement:  It would be an honor for me to continue serve the ACS as a councilor representing the Philadelphia section. I am in my 26th year as a faculty member at Saint Joseph’s University, and I have been on numerous department, college, and university task forces, boards, and committees; I have served as department chair for the past seven years.

The backbone of the ACS is its local sections. I will continue to work to keep our section healthy and active and represent us at the national level. As a councilor, a priority of mine will be science education, particularly K-12 and education/outreach to the public. As a member of the SOCED (Subcommittee A) I was able to learn about and contribute to discussions on K-12 chemistry education. I am pleased that our local section has a wide variety of activities and programs directed toward K-12 science education. As councilor, I will continue to work to support these programs as well as help develop new programs to support this and other initiatives. If reelected as a councilor, I would bring leadership, experience, and a commitment to continue to represent the interests of chemists in the society, particularly the Philadelphia section.


Joseph A. Martino, III, ACS Career Consultant and Presenter

Education: BS Comprehensive Program (Minor in Chemistry), Villanova University, 1995; MS Chemistry, Villanova University, 1998

Honors and Professional Societies:  Induction into Alpha Epsilon Delta, 1995; Induction as Associate Member of Sigma Xi, 1999; ACS Philadelphia Section Local Section Volunteer of the Year, 2014; ACS Career Volunteer Award, 2016; ACS Chemistry Ambassador; ChemPharma Professional Association; Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club

ACS Membership: 1997; Philadelphia Section: 1997

National Participation: Consultant, ACS Council of Economic and Professional Affairs, 2012-2016; ACS Career Consultant, 2012-Present; Presenter for ACS Career Pathways workshops, 2012-Present

Local Section Participation: Networking Subcommittee Chair, Career Services Committee, 2010-2011; Chair, Career Services Committee, 2012-Present; Member, Board of Directors, 2017-Present

Statement:  Thankful for your trust and the opportunities that you, the members of our Section, gave to me, I would like to assist you further as a Councilor of the ACS Philadelphia Section and kindly ask for your vote.  Nationally, I have served as a Consultant to the ACS Council of Economic and Professional Affairs, advocating for the unemployed and improving the ACS Career Consultant program.  As a Local Section Director, I strongly advocate for our members’ career interests and have worked to connect our Section to regional ACS Sections and to external organizations such as ChemPharma, which has allowed us to connect with the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center and grow our industrial presence.  I have supported our local academic community by presenting ACS Career Pathways workshops and through career consulting by way of a working relationship between the Section and Temple University.  I would now like to advocate for our Section in service to you by representing your most welcomed voice, concerns and ideas on a national level and to act upon them not only to better our Section, but also to spotlight our Section nationally and better our Society as a whole.  Thank you for your kind consideration.


ALAN R. HELDON, Retired, Biochemist

Education:  BSc Chemistry, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, 1970

ACS Membership:  1970; Philadelphia Section:  1970

ACS Participation:  Secretary, Philadelphia Section, 2008 to present; Chair, Philadelphia Section Gov. Affairs Committee, 2004 to present; Chair, Philadelphia Section Member Affairs and Public Relations Committees, 2014 to present; Chair, ACS PA Gov. and Legis. Affairs Committee, 2005 to present

Statement:  Serving over nine years as Secretary of the Philadelphia Section I know that many of the challenges facing our Section and its members reflect challenges facing our Society as a whole.

The understanding of chemistry is increasing at a rate scarcely imaginable half a century ago.  That miracle is not reflected in chemistry the occupation, where little has improved in half a century.

Challenges I believe are important to our future include:

1. A professional’s career planning must expect to navigate business and employment landscapes defined in important ways by downsizing, restructuring and mergers.  Our Society’s commitment to providing relevant and timely career counseling and job search assistance has never been more important.

2. U.S. high school students’ scientific literacy places in the mediocre middle among developed nations.  Sustaining the current miracles of discovery and developing new technologies requires a scientifically literate work force.  Swift and far reaching changes to K through 12th grade science education are required if the United States is to maintain its scientific preeminence.

3. Extreme political ideologies and the power of big campaign donations to corrupt politicians and to compromise regulatory processes are increasingly part of government and overshadow government’s influence on the practice of chemistry.  (C&EN Vol.94 Issue 42, pp 20-21, Oct 24, ‘16.)  Our Society must have a robust capability to respond quickly and decisively to all issues that affect chemistry in the venues of government and politics.

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