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Career Services


Career Services

The Career Services Committee of the ACS Philadelphia Section offers the following programs:

  • A yearly career workshop focusing on career concerns for experienced professionals
  • A yearly career workshop featuring targeted advice for college students from the undergraduate to post-doctoral levels.

Career Services also offers a quarterly Career Club which is moderated by a volunteer ACS Career Consultant.  This provides a unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with not only a consultant from ACS National, but also to network with your fellow chemists as well.

Career Services is open to any suggestions or ideas which you may have.  Please feel free to e-mail with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns that you may have.

Did you know that, as part of your ACS membership, you can request a free appointment to speak with an ACS Career Consultant about any of your career concerns?  Please visit for further information.

Are you an experienced (five years or more) chemical professional who would like to assist and mentor other chemical professionals in their career paths?  Maybe you would like to become an ACS Career Consultant.  For more information and to apply, please email

ACS Philadelphia Section Career Services Committee:
                Joseph A. Martino III, Committee Chair (ACS Career Consultant and Presenter)
                Deborah Cook, EdD, ex-officio (Chair, ACS Philadelphia Section)
                Elizabeth Wagoner, PhD, ex-officio (Chair-Elect, ACS Philadelphia Section)
                Lori Spangler, PhD (ACS Career Consultant)
                Steve Fleming, PhD (Temple University)
                Christine McInnis, PhD (ACS Career Consultant)
                Anne DeMasi (Chemtura)
                Kathryn Lysko, PhD (Immaculata University)